State of the Art[s]

A universal language, therapeutic release, identity-building – music offers so much.

I admit I’m partial to the odd resentful rant about the state of the arts today: music dropping from school curriculums,  artists paid around $0.0004 per listen on music streaming platforms, while music videos, digital distribution and recordings all cost a small fortune and require so much time, and how on earth are you supposed to do all that when you live in London where rent is increasing three times faster than wages….. and… and…. breathe…. 🙂

But then – alongside the increasing number of eco-centric festivals (e.g. Green Man and Shambala) and artists with clout shouting out – I’ve been reminded of some pretty inspiring, air-punch-worthy musical examples this week:

In House Records is a new record label run by prisoners; “dangerously positive “ and “creating brighter futures” – included in a recent Positive News edition

The Mental Health Foundation recognising the value of music as therapy and nurturing some mutual PR support through their MHF Live Programme, while Key Changes supports recovery through studio session, artist development and live performance

And Julie’s Bicycle, championing the circular economy and environmental sustainability across the creative sectors, recently hosted their Season for Change event as a call to creative action in the wake of the latest IPCC Report

Waving not drowning! Can I get a whoop whoop for all this #GREEN_NOISE ?? 🙂